2019 SITEC E-Commerce Class EC 302: Facebook Marketing

Since Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms in the world, Facebook marketing has become one of the biggest digital channels in terms of new opportunities. The platform offers a variety of different paid and organic tools for brands to surface themselves to Facebook’s sprawling user base. As with any other digital channel, there are certain things a marketing manager has to do to optimize for discoverability.

Unfortunately, many businesses assume that social media websites, particularly Facebook, are just opportunities to stand on a soap box and broadcast your brand message to the millions of people who use the platform. When that does not work, many of these businesses will just give up and declare that Facebook does not work for them.

The trouble is that this is not the role of Facebook. People are not on social media to listen to sales pitches, they are there to be social with their friends and the brands they like. Customers today value brands that take the time to get to know them on a personal level, rather than acting as an impersonal corporation.

We bring you experts from the world of e-commerce to share with you helpful tips and knowledge that you can use in your e-commerce business.

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13:30 Registration
14:00 Introduction to SITEC
14:10 Coach 1 – Jason Gan, CEO of Tribeup Academy
15:00 Market info Sharing – Alliance Bank
15:10 Coach 2 – Jacksion Yang, Founder of Egrowthify Sdn Bhd
16.00 Group photo session, refreshments & networking
* This class will be conducted in English.

Who should attend?
Online sellers, internet solution providers, SME business, retailers, chain stores, entrepreneurs, university graduates and anyone interested.

Enquiry & Registration:
Website: http://bit.ly/2019ecclass
Email: ecclass@sitec.com.my
Tel: 0172609960 (Salman)
This program is organized by SITEC with the support of Invest Selangor. FREE Admission

About SITEC:
SITEC (Selangor Information Technology and E-Commerce Council) was initiated by Selangor State Government in 2015. We conduct a series of seminars aiming at increasing the e-Commerce know-how for Small and Medium Enterprises. We also host forums and discussion panels inviting emerging and successful e-commerce entrepreneurs to share their stories and real-world experiences. We hope this can serve as the catalyst for the traditional industry to transform their business successfully online and help Selangor to stay at the forefront of social-economy growth driven by this new and fast growing world of e-commerce.