2019 content marketing strategy

“Technology is growing very fast, as a marketer or business owner, which means you need to stay informed about the latest changes. This is not just a change in technology, but an audience preference. In content marketing, if you want to have a real impact on your content and get results, it’s important to have that content. So what should your 2019 content marketing strategy look like?”


Technology is growing very fast, as a marketer or business owner, which means you need to stay up-to-date with the latest changes, develop and be ready for change. This is not just a change in technology, but an audience preference. In content marketing, if you want to have a real impact on your content and get results, it’s important to have that content. So what should your 2019 content marketing strategy look like? 

Here are five content marketing trends that you really can’t ignore this year.

Content marketing and artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence has severely affected content marketing, and it is likely that artificial intelligence will change content marketing in a significant way over the next few years. Many powerful AI technologies already exist; however, it is not an easy to acquire technology. As these changes in the coming years, we will really see the impact of artificial intelligence on content marketing.

The biggest way that artificial intelligence affects content marketing is related to analytics and machine learning. Artificial intelligence can collect and interpret large amounts of data that can take hours of work for dozens of people, and AI can be completed in seconds. So what does this mean for content marketing?

First, it will allow marketers to develop better content marketing strategies. The more data you have about your audience and their interests and preferences, the easier it is to create and deliver the types of content they actually want to see. More importantly, with all of this data, you can build powerful, targeted segments; this in turn will allow you to create truly personalized content for each segment: based on personality traits, Personalized content such as shopping behavior, interests, location and needs.

The urgency of content strategy

Maybe you have an editing calendar, but is there a practical strategy behind your content marketing efforts? Surprisingly, as many as 63% of companies don’t have an actual content strategy – but it’s bad news for them, and if you start to develop a content marketing strategy that fits your business goals, it might be good news for you. In other words, it’s important to understand that content strategies are more than just editing calendars that you plan a few weeks or a month in advance.

Instead, it’s a documented strategy that involves: Setting goals for your content marketing strategy, especially with your overall business goals, so that any content you provide can help you achieve more business goals. (generate more traffic, more potential customers, more conversions through your website, blog or email, etc.)) Establish KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to measure your content marketing ROI for increasingly personalized content Audience segmentation content reuse strategy content strategy strategy for different strategies for different customers to access channels.

Prepare your content for voice search

If you haven’t used voice search in your daily life, you may be surprised to find out how popular it is and how many people use it regularly. With the growing popularity of devices such as Google Home and Amazon Alexa and the emergence of services such as Apple’s Siri, voice search will only continue to grow – until it may even become the new normal.

Some even believe that by 2020, as many as half of online searches will be voice searches. In terms of content marketing, this means that marketers need to start optimizing their content – or at least some of their content – for voice search. Unfortunately, each device seems to be extracting data from different sources and providing completely different results; that is, you can still do something to stay ahead of the competition and make sure your content is what the voice assistant recommends.

The most important aspect is that you need to set your content as a featured snippet – sometimes a short ambiguous content at the top of Google search results to answer your search query – and know which searches will produce a snippet of code .

New method of cooperation with Net Red

Often, the desire to work with NetRed means that NetRed promotes the brand or its products/services on their own channels. While this is definitely a good strategy, there is another way to start the trend: let influencers create content for your own brand channel (your blog, your social network, etc.). This has many advantages for brands, from improving credibility to boosting traffic and followers to attract influential audiences.

So how do these types of campaigns work? It’s easy to create content for your channel by getting known and respected influencers from your niche. They can then promote this content on their channel and help increase traffic to your platform. For example, if you sell food, you can let popular chefs share exclusive recipes on your blog – this may attract a lot of foodies to your blog.

Or, you can go one step further and let the influencer take over your channel for a full 24 hours – similar to the Snapchat acquisition. As I mentioned before, these types of influencer marketing programs can help you increase your credibility by connecting yourself to a respected and loved influencer and helping you achieve more realistic goals. For example, building traffic and websites for your blog, helping you generate more potential customers, and helping you win more sales and acquire new customers for your business.

Add more types of content to your strategy and reach a broader audience

Content marketing is more than just a blog. It’s also social media content, it’s marketing videos, email marketing, podcasts, and more. People use a variety of devices every day to consume many different types of content; to reach these audiences, it’s important to not only show on multiple channels, but also create different types of content for different audiences:

  • Video is one of the most popular forms of content at the moment. People watch up to 5 billion videos on YouTube every day and watch 100 million hours of videos on Facebook – these are just 2 platforms
  • Broadcasting is also becoming more popular, with 44% of Americans listening to at least one broadcast in the past few years.
  • Interactive content such as AR lenses can help you reach a large audience; for example, Taco Bell’s Cinco de Mayo Snapchat Lens creates an impressive 224 million views

In conclusion

Content marketing is widely used by most marketers and businesses; in fact, as many as 91% of B2B marketers claim to use content marketing to attract customers, as the research found by content marketing researchers and marketing experts. This is a lot of content to compete with, and unfortunately, when your content does not appear in search results or viewers’ news programs, it is easy to feel this kind of competition.

In order to achieve good results this year and get good results from content marketing, please grasp these trends and use them to provide information for your strategy: develop documented content marketing strategies, use AI, optimize content for voice search, and use different types Content and work with influential people in a unique way.

Source: Bloomberg